In her first job out of college our founder was working at a mining company doing financial modelling. She often took breaks from her spreadsheets to peruse her favourite fashion sites, blogs and instagram accounts.

It was during one of these “breaks” that she started thinking about how frustrating it was that she didn’t know if any local stores were selling the designers or styles that she was seeing online. She wanted to see them in person and try them on, but had no idea what stores were selling them. This is when she started developing the idea for Shop This City. She left the mining world and spent a few years working in fashion, gaining experience in ecommerce, marketing, styling and personal shopping.

She kept the idea of Shop This City with her and over time learned that it was not only possible, but that it was something people were really missing from their shopping experiences. She interviewed hundreds of women about how they shopped online and in-stores and what they liked and disliked about both. She found that literally everyone had experienced the same frustrations she had. In 2017 she quit her day job and got to work building Shop This City.