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A Shopping Revolution

A unique new way to find stores and clothes around you!


Support your community and neighbourhood, and reclaim the joy of local shopping! unique, Find non-chain boutique stores in your city!

Up to date

Live data from unique, non chain boutique stores in your city!


No more waiting for clothes to be shipped to you, only to have to return them because they fit a little large!

Mobile App

Blend the power of digital search and the experience of in store shopping.

Why STC?

An answer to the short-comings of online shopping.


STC is in small group testing in Vancouver, Canada right now. Expanding soon!





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About STC

How does STC work?

Individual stores connect to our databases using cloud based point of sale systems. We can monitor new arrivals, sales, and live inventory meaning you know exactly what is going on in the city you live in!

How much is STC?

It's free! We love shopping and built this to solve the frustrations of online shopping and allow small independant boutiques to flourish. Our store partners fund the applicaiton via memberships.

How live is the inventory on STC?

Our inventory updates every 10 minutes, so it's pretty live! Every now and again a store owner may make a mistake with their instore inventory, so we can't claim to have perfect data, but it will be very close!

What cities are coming next?

You decide! Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send us suggestions. We are expecting to expand to Montreal, Toronto and New York in 2020, but if we have fans in a particular place, we'll be sure to prioritise you!

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